The maproom is a collection of maps and other figures that monitor climate and societal conditions at present and in the recent past. The maps and figures can be manipulated and are linked to the original data. Even if you are primarily interested in data rather than figures, this is a good place to see which datasets are particularly useful for monitoring current conditions.

    The variability of seasonal precipitation, and the sub-seasonal statistics of these, play a key role in the quality and quantity of agricultural output.
    Le centre régional AGRHYMET publie chaque decade un bulletin contenant des analyses relatives à la pluie, à l'hydrologie et l'agriculture pour produire des outils d'aide à la decision pour les habitants du CILSS.
    Climate affects sectors in society in a number of ways. These effects may be direct, as with heat stress, or indirect, as with infectious diseases such as malaria and meningitis.
    Food security in west africa.
    Access to Market in west africa.
    Water Management in west africa.